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19:23:32 <$Alex> how do i program you to do something that i don't know how to do?
21:08:12 <$Alex> wow i thought you were gonna crash
21:08:12 <fraxel> I'm glad you're impressed. That was my original intention.

14:13:03 <$Alex> why in the fuck do people think they need to cook meals for the whole week in one day when they have enough time to binge watch tv series or stare at social media for hours on end?
14:13:04 <fraxel> The explanation is rather complicated.
14:13:27 <$Alex> rather complicated because it isn't real?
14:13:28 <fraxel> What you said was either too complex or too simple for me.

14:17:41 <$Alex> it's the balance between impossible and things not worth while
14:17:41 <fraxel> I've heard of it before.
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